Bonus: Jim Hosking Explains The Greasy Strangler!

The Greasy Strangler is a film about a greasy strangler. Like, a really greasy strangler. It's also about fathers and sons and genitalia and disco and ultraviolence and if you're already a little confused we don't blame you. The Greasy Strangler is one of the weirdest motion pictures in years, and after you watch it you're going to have a LOT of questions. 

That's why we brought The Greasy Strangler director Jim Hosking on this week's bonus episode of The B-Movies Podcast: to ask those questions, and try to get some answers! Join film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold as they ask pointed queries about grease and violence and disgust and disco, and find out as much as they can about this weird, weird, weird movie.

Plus, we keep getting your letters, so we'll keep reading them on the air! Be sure to drop us a line at with your comments, opinions, suggestions, the films that inspire you, your picks for the best films of the decade (so far) and your questions about Bibbs and Witney.

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