Ep. 301 - You Don’t Know Jackie

While the venerable William 'Bibbs' Bibbiani is out of town on his long-awaited honeymoon (congratulations, Bibbs!), Witney Seibold will be joined instead by the equally venerable (not to mention breathtakingly charismatic) Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood fame. Perhaps you've also seen Mr. Mantz at your local gas station screen, where he encourages you to see the greatest movies of all time. Seeing as Scott and Witney are both frothing Trekkies (or Trekkers, depending on your preference), it takes them a few minutes to get on topic, but once the Xindi have been defeated, the two of them get around to reviewing the week's big releases. 

And, since it's a slow week (the week after Thanksgiving always is), the week's big releases include the Kennedy biopic Jackie, the enjoyably stupid (or stupidly enjoyable) Incarnate, and the spooky horror thriller The Eyes of My Mother

Scott and Witney have strong opinions on the Hollywood blockbuster machine and its unfortunate attempts to make the next two-billion-dollar hit, all while little horror studos are being creating with 1/1000th of the money. And, yes, they talk all about Star Trek Beyond (because of course they do), positing theories as to why it may have been a modest hit rather than a runaway hit. 

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