Ep. 334 - The Biggest Fan Mail Episode EVER!!! (Part 1)

We said we'd read all your letters and that's exactly what we've done. In this episode of The B-Movies Podcast, the second to last episode ever, we're reading every single letter we've got left in our inbox, from listeners all over the world. We've got silly jokes, emotional stories, controversial debates and every other damned thing you can think of. And to think, it only took us FOUR HOURS to read them all and respond!

That's right, this is one of the biggest episodes of The B-Movies Podcast ever. So big, in fact, that we had to split it into two episodes. So be sure to listen to both halves to hear your own letter get read, and to find out what all the other fans of the show have to say about topics ranging throughout the history of cinema (and beyond), and finally a tearful farewell from your hosts.

Follow your hosts at @WilliamBibbiani and @WitneySeibold for updates about the future of the show. And of course, you can listen to earlier episodes of The B-Movies Podcast on iTunes for movie reviews, commentary tracks, exclusive interviews and more!

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