The Final Episode: Our Favorite Movies Ever!

After 6 1/2 years and 415 episodes (including bonus content), The B-Movies Podcast is coming to an end. Join film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold as they say goodbye, say thank you, and leave you with over three hours of movie recommendations to tide you over until they find a new home for their movie reviews podcast somewhere else. 

While you wait for that renaissance, subscribe to Bibbs and Witney's new podcast Canceled Too Soon - all about television shows that lasted only one season or less - and follow them all on Twitter for more announcements: @WilliamBibbiani, @WitneySeibold and @CanceledCast. And if you loved The B-Movies Podcast's theme song as much as we did, visit the Bandcamp page Clutch Douglass!

Thank you for listening, thank you for your support, thank you for being amazing. (And stay for the credits.)

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